Holiday and Event Lighting

Squared Away Lights for all your Holiday and Event lighting needs.


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But here's a quick explanation

SIZES Lights come in three main sizes.  the biggest and brightest is called the C-9, next step down is the C-7, the lowest or smallest is the everyday mini light.  

Size is then amplified by the space the lights are apart.  standard is 12 inches, but if you live in the country you may prefer a 15 inch spacing, this would allow a more subtle but still professional look. Lights also can be special ordered in 6, 24, and 30 inch spacing

Color is dependent on the size and kind of bulb purchased.  But most are available, in the standard Clear, Multi or one or any combination of red, amber, green, blue, and purple.  Lights can also be special ordered in twinkling bulbs.  

New to the market and for us as well are the ever popular and energy efficient LED lights.  These are special ordered for all Christmas needs. 

Varieties of Christmas Lights

Mini-light stringers: Most popular because of their versatility.

LED Christmas lights: Energy-efficient alternative available in a variety of sizes including LED C6, LED C7, LED C9, LED Wide Angle, and LED icicle stringers.

Battery-powered mini-lights: Used in even more applications.

Rice lights: Tiny points of light for smaller decorations.

C7 & C9 bulbs: Most prominent outdoor lights because of their larger size and greater luminescence.

Globes and Teardrops: Stylish indoor alternative available in a variety of sizes including G8, G23, G25, G28, and G40.

Net lights and trunk wraps: Easy way to decorate bushes and trees.

Light curtains and icicle lights: Mini-light strands that hang vertically.

Lighted decorations: Christmas Stars, lantern lights, and starlight spheres are favorites.

Commercial decorations: Perfect for stores, malls, and businesses and feature bows, wreaths, festoons, giant candy canes, Christmas topiary, and even life-size figures.

First step is picking your lights

Options include

C9, C7, mini lights, LED lights, Twinkling lights, and Party bulbs 

Our C9 and C7 bulbs are double dipped with a 3000+ hour bulb life. Also available for order are the super energy efficient L.E.D c9 bulbs with a 50,000+ bulbs life. If you need Christmas lights we have it all. Everyone can make their special event or Christmas extra special.  Choose from any combination or pattern or color's to make your lighting just the way you want

Most commonly used is the C9 transparent bulb, it comes in all the colors, however very similar to the C9 is the the C7 bulb,  a little smaller, It adds a little warmth and homeyness the to the beauty of Christmas lights. 

In addition to the old and soon outdated normal way of lighting we now offer the ever growing popular LED lights. 

Our NEW LED C9 and C7 lights are the lighting choice for the future. No more replacing bulbs year after year. Replace your traditional C9 or C7 bulbs with our long lasting (50,000 hour), energy efficient (.65watt) LED's. Because these bulbs are made of durable plastic they won't fade, chip, or break. Each bulb uses 3 super-bright micro LED’s creating brilliant colors. Traditional C9 bulbs will use 175 watts on 25 bulb set and 700 watts on a 100 bulb set. Because these LED C9 bulbs are so energy efficient, a 25 bulb stringer will only use 20 watts/.17 amps and the 100 bulb stringer will use 80watts/.66amps. These bulbs will truly save you money on your electric bill. When you are looking for amazing brilliance, outstanding value, and energy efficiency in your holiday display, our C9 LED's are the product to use.